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The Village at Union Mills
The Village at Union Mills

Decorate Your Village at Union Mills Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season

Decorate Your Village at Union Mills Apartment for a Festive Holiday Season

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Decorating your Village at Union Mills apartment is the most exciting, sometimes tiring, part of the holiday. Besides being fun, creating a Winter Wonderland sparks feelings of joy on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Use trending Christmas items to decorate your apartment this year.


Decorations that Transition from Christmas into the New Year

Use Christmas and New Year's themed couches and pillows. In the long run, you'll save time spent on keeping up with your loved ones’ decorations. Wrap the Christmas dining tables with golden candlesticks and cinnamon sticks, so they're easy to change to vintage colors.

Decorate your wreath with gold and white pinecones. Place them in a handwoven basket to give a comforting feeling.


A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your Apartment

Holiday decorations give your apartment a festive look. Let visitors have a hotel-like feeling as they walk through brightly colored decor. Purchase decorations that are durable and easy to transition.

Create a festive scene with your handcrafted decorations and add a spark of life this year.

These decorations are long-lasting and easy to use from Christmas to the new year. Be creative with ideas and color themes that you use. Don't confuse the color theme with your wall colors.

Decorations should not be too traditional. Check the current trends and keep up with the times. Minimize the Christmas-like decor, so you have an easy time ushering in the new year.


Relax After Your Holiday Decorations Are Complete

Making sure that your decorations are in order is not an easy task. Create time to rest and breathe the fresh outdoor air. Take a break, walk the Lacey neighborhood, and explore Village's beautiful nature at Union Mills.

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