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The Village at Union Mills
The Village at Union Mills

How to Create Smooth Feng Shui in Your Village at Union Mills Apartment For the New Year

How to Create Smooth Feng Shui in Your Village at Union Mills Apartment For the New Year

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The Village at Union Mills puts you in the center of all that Lacey, WA, offers. Our apartments make your home feel like a tranquil getaway from the busy city life; from vibrant shops and restaurants to picturesque outdoor spaces like the Wanschers Community Park.

If one of your New Year resolutions is to relax in style, consider giving your apartment a smooth feng shui transition for the new year.


Decorations That Transition out of 2021 and into 2022

Adding feng shui elements to your Village at Union Mills apartment is easy. You don't have to buy new apartment furniture to bring feng shui into your home. Feng shui is all about the energy found in the natural world and how it channels through your life.

Take a look at your living space and think about all of the clutter in your life. Freeing up clutter allows you to welcome more energy into your home. Think about creative storage solutions like ottomans that double as trunks or coffee tables underneath drawers. Store loose items in baskets and place them on shelves, freeing up space and giving your home a clean look and feel.

If you want to add new apartment furniture, check out family-owned Woodshed Furniture.


Brightening Up Your Apartment for The New Year

An easy way to brighten your home is to open the windows and use sheer curtains instead of heavy drapes. January 2022 decor trends focus on the use of natural colors and materials. Think about adding texture with woven baskets or colorful throw blankets. If apartment regulations allow for painting, consider creating an accent wall with a bold color to make your apartment furniture pop.


January 2022 Decor with A Smooth Feng Shui Twist

It's a new year, so focus on creating a welcoming and warm home. The Village at Union Mills offers an escape from the city. Make your home the healing retreat you deserve with smooth feng shui.

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