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The Village at Union Mills
The Village at Union Mills

The Top 3 Activities You Can Do in Your Village at Union Mills Apartment

The Top 3 Activities You Can Do in Your Village at Union Mills Apartment

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Living at Village at Union Mills apartments provides the perfect combination of convenience and peaceful surroundings. With community amenities like a clubhouse, pool, and spa, you may never want to leave home, and you don't have to. At Village at Union Mills apartments, there are plenty of things to do right at home.


Three Hobbies to Pick up This Month

Pick up a new hobby this month. Learn how to play cards, then coordinate a card-playing party and take full advantage of the on-site clubhouse for the festivities. Invite some friends over, order some fabulous Mexican food from Mayan Mexican in Lacey, and test out your cardshark skills with a game of 5-card draw.

Consider taking up a new sport, like swimming, and make the most of the Village at Union Mills pool area and sun deck. Whether it's a leisure swim or a few laps, swimming is a refreshing hobby this month.

Reading would be a magical hobby to start while living in such a serene country setting. Dive into a great new book while lounging on your private balcony and transport yourself to a far-away land without ever leaving home.


Tips for Dedicating Space in Your Home

Apartment living means taking advantage of every square inch of space in your home. Whether you are creating separate spaces or want your space to feel bigger, follow these tips for creating space in your apartment:

  1. Create zones with area rugs.
  2. Use bookshelves as room dividers.
  3. Create a wall with plants.


Enjoy Apartment Living at Its Best

Enjoying indoor hobbies in your Village at Union Mills apartment has never been more appealing. Apartment living at its best is relaxing and recharging at the clubhouse or on your balcony.

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